Fenwicks Chain Lube 100ml

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Fenwicks Chain Lube 100ml

Fenwicks Chain Lube 100ml

Suitable for all bikes

Fenwicks Chain Lube. Excellent protection against corrosion and wear. A specific blend of synthetic ingredients with additives to dramatically reduce corrosion, repel water and prolong component life.

Most lube brands actually talk about the make-up of the lube dry, wet, mineral or synthetic etc rather than the type of environment the lube is designed to be used in.

Synthetic oils are far superior to mineral oils (petrol chemical based) in reducing friction, wear, corrosion and their longevity, due to the ability to be perfectly blended to bespoke formulas giving the desired mechanical and chemical properties.

For bicycles wet style lubes offer the most protection as the operating temperatures necessary for solid particles in dry lubes i.e. PTFE, graphite, etc are rarely reached to maintain their mobility. Therefore once the dry particles have been pushed away from the touching surfaces then they do not return.

The environment plays a major roll as contaminates soon become introduced. The oils ability to cope which such conditions depends upon the blend of additives used to construct the oil. As conditions in the UK vary so wildly from one day to the next it is very difficult to be able to provide the perfect lube. Compromises can be made but that?s not good enough for todays racing enthusiast and avid cyclist.

Fenwick's have developed synthetic lubes for UK and European riding conditions. The advantages to using these oils are;

Smoother, quieter functioning bike.

Increased protection against corrosion.

Decreased wear.

Increased maintenance periods.

Reduced environmental contamination, i.e. cleaner operation.

Environmental benefits are less waste oil, lower volumes used, more tenacious therefore less trail contamination.

Fenwicks Chain Lube , is s specific blend of synthetic ingredients with additives to reduce corrosion, (corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, and metal deactivators), anti wear and friction modifiers, anti static and a little extra to reduce evaporation. Slightly thicker than the dry lube

A chain clorped (a thick covering) in oil and dirt acts like a grinding compound and will wear out your components. If you don't have any lube you are best running the chain clean and dry, the only downside is it might make a sound like a squealing cat

Available in 100ml or 250ml


1. Remove the cap.
2. Pierce seal with sharp object and refit cap.


How to use Lube

Shake well. For best results apply to a clean chain.

Step 1: Twist top cap to regulate flow.

Twist Cap

Step 2: Apply a drop of lube to each link.

Pipette application

Step 3: Rotate chain for 20 sec.
Step 4: If required, wipe off excess with clean cloth.

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