MET Kaos UL Helmet

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MET Kaos UL Helmet

At the creation of the world.

According to Greek mythology, Chaos (in Greek Xaoc/Khaos literally means opening) is the key element of Hesiod's Theogony (geneology of the gods). Whilst on the subject, it is interesting to notice that teh wide opening sof the Kaos UL are indeed its main design features. According to Hesiod, Chaos  not only came before the creation of the world but also of the gods. So at the beginning there was Chaos.

To go back to your origins just choose a Kaos...

Right from the first glance, the Kaos UL exudes a feeling of quiet strength. Its simple design which consists of only a few distinctive criss-crssing lines contributes to the shells strength and shows off the wide openings of the air intake vents.


Front gel O2 pad - hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel. Keeps you cool.

Anti-allergenic coolmax pads - high tedh material assures rapid evaporation of absorbed perspiration for greater comfort

Kevlar Straps

Safe-T Smart retention system - includes vertical adjustment

Visor with integrated air intake

Reflective rear sticker


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