MET Stradivarius 2015

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This is the last Stradivarius 2015 helmet we have in stock, for the new range of colours check out the Stradivarius 2016

MET Stradivarius Helmet 2015

Gerald Ciolek appreciates how easily you can forget you’re wearing a MET Stradivarius HES, even during his interminable races such as the Milan San Remo 2013 which he won in hellish weather conditions.
You certainly won’t be disappointed with the 2015 version. The new Safe-T Advanced occipital retention system is even lighter and more comfortable.
When you spend a fair amount of your life on your bike, it is even more important to know you are well protected.
In the event of an accident, the HES construction process, which involves fusing two homothetic shells allows the pressure which builds up at the point of impact to be spread across the helmet dissipating the shock more effectively.


IN-MOULDING INTELLIGENT FUSION Different densities of material, depending on the characteristics of each model.

FULL WRAP / The polycarbonate shell wraps the bottom of the helmet towards the inside of the shell.

HOMOTHETIC EMBEDDED SKELETON / Spreads the pressure built up at the impact point, and thus dissipates the force of impact over the whole shell.


SAFE-T ADVANCED Lighter with broader contact area, the pressure is distributed in a homogenous way.


AIR LITE STRAPS A revolutionary technique of weaving polyester fibres aids sweat evaporation and provides greater tensile strength with less weight.

AIR LITE LATERAL DIVIDERS / Their ultra-flat design helps reduce aerodynamic drag.

EMBEDDED STRAPS ANCHORING POINTS / Improves the aerodynamics and the straps’ tensile stress is more evenly dissipated in case of impact.


FULL GEL O2 PADDING Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, made from thermo-stabilising polyurethane morpho-gel. Keeps the head cooler.


REFLECTIVE STICKERS At night or in tunnels, they make the bike visible to drivers approaching from behind.

REFLECTIVE LOGOThe MET logo on each side of the helmet is reflective too.

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